Stop the Georgia-Pacific Pipeline

It's not too late. Help stop the pipeline. Sign the petition. Peter Thliveros, Professional Bass Angler Brooks Busey, Onwer of Sadler Point Marina

Since 1947, the Georgia-Pacific paper mill in Palatka has discharged its wastewater into Rice Creek, a tributary of the St. Johns River. Unable to meet water quality standards in Rice Creek, Georgia-Pacific wants to build a pipeline almost four miles long to discharge its waste into the heart of the St. Johns River.

The St. Johns River belongs to all of us. We all deserve better than a pipeline. Clean water and a healthy river are our right.

Get the Facts

Unable to meet water quality standards in Rice Creek, Georgia-Pacific (GP) plans to build a pipeline to divert its wastewater into the heart of the St. Johns River.

The proposed pipeline would be a critical blow to the ongoing efforts to reduce pollution and restore the health of the St. Johns.

Determined to find a solution, St. Johns Riverkeeper hired a team of engineers and water-quality experts to analyze the GP study that was used to justify the pipeline.

The results of the peer review of the Georgia-Pacific study demonstrate that viable alternatives exist and important questions about the mill's effluent remain unanswered. Read the full report here.

Get the facts and sign our petition to Governor Rick Scott urging him to require Georgia-Pacific to find an acceptable solution that protects our river. For the latest updates, visit the St. Johns Riverkeeper website.

Proposed Pipeline Location

The Georgia-Pacific (GP) paper mill is located in Palatka, FL. The wastewater from the proposed GP pipeline would flow north through the Lower Basin of the St. Johns River, an area that encompasses over 2,600 square miles and sustains over 1.3 million people.

In this section of the river, a significant number of businesses and thousands of jobs related to commercial and recreational fishing, tourism, real estate, boating, and other marine-related industries depend upon a clean and healthy St. Johns. Here is a map of the location:

Georgia-Pacific Paper Mill

215 County Road 216
Palatka, FL 32177

View Proposed Pipeline Location in a larger map

Sign the Petition to Stop the Pipeline

Help St. Johns Riverkeeper stop the pipeline and encourage more responsible alternatives by signing the following online petition to Governor Rick Scott and the Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Herschel Vinyard. We will present the petition to the Governor and the Secretary on your behalf.

Send a letter or e-mail

Please, also consider contacting Governor Scott and Secretary Vinyard with a personalized letter, phone call or e-mail.

  • The Honorable Rick Scott
  • Office of Governor, The Capitol
  • 400 S. Monroe Street
  • Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001
  • 1-850-488-7146
  • Email
  • Secretary Herschel Vinyard
  • FL Dept of Environmental Protection
  • 3900 Commonwealth Blvd.
  • Mail Station 10
  • Tallahassee, FL 32399-3000
  • 1-850-245-2011

Privacy Policy: Your e-mail and address will only be used by St. Johns Riverkeeper for the petition and to keep you informed about the pipeline issue.

Dear Governor Scott and Secretary Vinyard,

I support the restoration of the St. Johns River and the thousands of jobs and numerous businesses that a clean and healthy river supports in my community.

I am opposed to the plans by Georgia-Pacific (GP) to build a pipeline to divert millions of gallons of polluted wastewater from Rice Creek to the heart of the St. Johns River.

The St. Johns River is critical to our economy and quality of life in Northeast Florida. We cannot afford to jeopardize the future health of our river and the economic well-being of the hundreds of thousands of people who live downstream of the mill.

We ask that you direct the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to require further toxicity testing of Georgia-Pacific’s wastewater and to require GP to pursue other viable alternatives to the pipeline.

Thank you for your consideration, your leadership and your support for the protection of the St. Johns River and the economy that depends upon it.

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